Will Muschamp ? Will Mustgo ? Willyou Justgo ?!?!

Give him a chance. That’s what we hear. Give him a chance.

From him we hear “it’s Florida, we’ll be fine”

Some benefit of the doubt was given first to Brantley, then to WM. Why ? Personnel. You know, a roster full of read option guys trying to play “pro style.”

We heard about Weis’ so called stubbornness with regards to play calling.

I call bullsh*t. It’s all on WM. We heard about tension with him and Weis. We heard about him meddling. We’ve seen, since Weis left, him reiterate his “preference” which is loosely translated to an unwavering desire to be a boring Saban clone.

Here’s the kicker – while the Wet Tissue, Daddy’s Boy Brantley, was injured, what happened ? Nothing. Nothing at all. Driskel was injured at one point but then was demoted.

Brisset showed more poise, but here’s my issue and it’s the crux of the matter with Muschamp – he had a roster full of read option personnel and he had a read option QB sitting on the bench. Why the F*CK didn’t he use him ? Are you f’ing kidding me ? Maybe Driskel sh*ts the bed even running the read option. However, what we know is he showed a lack of poise running a “pro style” offense just like JB did running a read option.

What ever happened to going to battle with what you have ? He had an OC with multiple SB rings, one of the most decorated minds in the history of the sport, who made a name for himself by using a philosophy of planning game to game, rather than using one system and sticking to it. Yet, the wonderful mind of Florida’s head coach, instead of tweaking the style to accommodate what he had on hand, insisted on forging ahead.

Adazzio took a lot of heat for doing the same thing but there’s one key difference – Adazzio didn’t actually didn’t have the proper personnel to really fall back on, hence the Reed/Burton makeshift plan. Muschamp DID have the players in reserve. Yeah, JD was a true freshman, but the beauty of the read option is the running component simplifies it enough so that a true can come in and not be subject to as much of the usual “nerves” symptoms that a tosser is subject to.

So, yeah, it’s all on WM. I want him gone yesterday. I don’t care about being patient – Florida is not the place for OJT; get the OJT at FIU or FAU or some other kiss your sister program.Remember when VP Biden said about Obama that the Presidency isn’t something that lends itself to on the job training ? People kind of forgot about that since BO named him his running mate. Same idea applies here.

The powerhouses are for powerhouse coaches, not some first time head coach whose only real accomplishments have been crafting top flight defenses with the best defensive players in the country. So basically, because he didn’t shit the bed we’re supposed to believe he’s a brilliant mind ? Gary Patterson is a brilliant mind. Sorry, I just can’t help but think of Chris Rock’s “low expectation” skit.

Praising Will Muschamp for creating productive defenses with 4 and 5 star athletes is like hailing Greg Knapp as a good OC  because he scored points with Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, Ben Tate and Arian Foster. You’re not a good mind at all; you simply have to NOT f*ck it all up and you’ll be good simply by happenstance.

When you stop and think about it, there’s really only one way to see it – WM is more interested in doing it “his way” than winning games and/or developing players.  He had the means to adjust, but didn’t. So in other words, he’d rather do it his way and lose, than adjust and deviate and possibly win.

John Elway and John Fox caught major shit from people on here  for SAYING Tebow needs to change, while actually using a playbook tailored to his skills and yet, I still see a lot of silence in calling for WM’s head for doing the very thing people feared Fox and Elway TALKED about doing, all because it’s his first year.






19 thoughts on “Will Muschamp ? Will Mustgo ? Willyou Justgo ?!?!

  1. Coach I am almost with you, I just want the guy to have one more year. Thats if he brings in Bell, if not im with you 110% coach!

  2. ATL, I think I’d be in the same camp if I wasn’t afraid we were chasing away top tier talent. I would argue to give him a year, but the biggest problem is his philosophy. This unbending, unimaginative season shows a serious danger to our program. We should NEVER be a baby Bama, and we should be trying for creativity. Boise State, I hate them, but they’ve taken undersized, underperforming players and at least made them compete with the bigger guys through deception and heart. And I hate Boise, they get a lot of excuses from me, but that program went from nobodies to at least being in the conversation. Muschamp can’t take a stable full of guys who run so fast that people get whiplash from trying to watch them. This is not an experiment, and we should stop treating it as one. Stop the bleeding now, because he won’t get better.

  3. I couldn’t agree more Fichts, we shouldn’t be a baby bama under any circumstances. Thats why im saying Bell or Bust, we could keep the “pro style” label and be a wide open team. Look at the Saints, Packers, Indy, New England, and many more. They are a pro style team but they look nothing like Bama…. No as far as our Defense if Muschamp wants to be a Bama clone I have ZERO problem with that

  4. Completely agree coach! I am glad Weis us gone, would love to see Chimp leave as well. Learn to be a HC somewhere else. Go get the Boise HC to come here to UF! Look what he has done with that program!

  5. Just imagine what Petersen could do with our talent. High profile guys dont want to be ran by boosters so we may be stuck with Champ

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